Chlori cheese

A fresh, white, soft sheep or goat cheese aged in brine often hardens considerably when used for grating and can be dried. On Astypalea is produced even without curing in brine and becomes sweet. It is then used in local desert specialties, called “sweet pouches”.

Nuts with olive oil and thyme

The nuts with olive oil and thyme is another recipe of Astypalea. Locals used to prepare the oven with olive oil nuts own harvest, and wild thyme that is scattered everywhere on the island.

Astipalea honey

From ancient times until today Astypalea produces fine quality honey. Especially in recent years apiculture knows characteristic flourish.

Pasteli of Astipalea

The handmade pasteli is made of thyme honey and sesame and is customarily shared at weddings.

Lambrokouloura (or Kitrinokouloura)

The Lambrokouloura (or Kitrinokouloura) is made in a wood oven with the local fresh goat cheese of Astypalea (the chlori) and saffron (Zafri).


Native saffron, which grows on the northern slopes of the mountains of Astypalea and is hand-picked by the locals every autumn.

Xerotigana of Astipalea

Xerotigana is finely chopped dough sheets sprinkled with sesame or nut.

Diples of Astipalea

Diples are finely chopped dough sheets sprinkled with sesame or nut.

Ladotyri of Astipalea

Hard and salty cheese that matures in oil that is eaten as a table cheese or saganaki.

Myzithra of Astipalea

Soft on its texture, white cheese coming from special forms and put in a basket.

Pougkia of Astipalea

Pougkia are a cheese pie with copanisti and honey.

Anthotyro of Astipalea

When myzithra is salted and aged it becomes anthotyro, which is eaten as table cheese and as pasta cheese.

Xyalina of Astipalea

Xyalina is a very special type of yoghurt that you will find only on the island of Astιpalea.

Sigkathouro of Astipalea

Sigkathouro is one of the dairy products and is grilled for frying.