Graviera of Skyros

The local graviera has a spicy taste and is the ideal meze for tsipouro and wine. In the past, they even followed a special method of preserving and ripening the graveyard. They took the heads of the graveyard and put them in a special clay pot, which they buried in the earth. They planted the surface of the cheese with thyme, topped another layer with grain heads and again thyme and again grapefruits until the pot was filled. They then stamped it and covered it with earth leaving it there from spring until December when it was traditionally opened on Christmas days.

Xinotyri of Skyros

Xynotiri is a delicious white soft cheese of sheep and goat milk with a slightly sour taste and a yogurt texture.

Honey of Skyros

Thyme is the most important bee-keeping plant. This produces the famous thyme honey. Skyros has thyme from the south to the north, and the honey produced is unique and of excellent quality. It also produces high quality honey of pine.

Myzithra of Skyros

The fresh myzithra reminds a lot of anthotyro, not very salty, whatever it takes for macaroni and bread from cheese, with tomato or jam, its neutral flavor fits with everything.

Teroptaria of Skyros

Teroptaria are small handmade cheese pies and can also be made by rice or milk in case you want to taste them in their sweet version.

Cheese pies of Skyros

The period after Easter, the women bake cheese pies with zucchini, cheese and lots of seasoning. These are baked with a special, traditional way, which is called “tserami”, in the fireplace.

Xyrotigana of Skyros

Xyrotigana ​​is a big donut with a hole in the middle with a fragrant honey. This sweet was the invitation for a wedding or baptism.

Fava of Skyros

The Skyrian fava has its own special flavor with a strong earthy character, notes of nuts and a slightly sweet aftertaste. It is ideally suited as an appetizer or salad boiled and seasoned with oil and onion while the Skyrians add a little fennel to take off.

Trachanas of Skyros

Trachanas is a pasta made of flour and milk and is granular and irregular in shape. It is available in various varieties: sour and sweet, fat and fine. Sour trachanna is kneaded with yoghurt. In Skyros they use it in pies and stuffed.

Pies of Skyros

Many pies are made in Skyros: with trachana, rice, cheese, pumpkin, greens, honey and have special names. The most famous is the bakery that you find everywhere, milk pies, trachanopites, meat pies, rice pies and ladopites with honey.

Pasta of Skyros

Also in Skyros, macaroni are produced with the "zoumi", ie with a dough made by the Skyrian housewives. .

Wine of Skyros

In Skyros good local wine is produced at the local wineries. Check out the local winemakers for the different varieties , the way of making the wine, the cellars, the climate and the soil that are the determining factors for the tasty taste you experience and browse the vineyards to find out how your favorite wine is made, white, rosé, red, sweet or dry etc. The wineries of the area are run by tasting roomsto try from different bottles and shop to then buy what you liked most.

Pottery of Skyros

From Skyros you can also buy Skyrian painting dishes, jugs and bowls, made by local potters.

Skyrian furniture

Until a few years ago sculptor IEK was working in Skyros. Now it's closed. But the Skyrian woodcarvers still make their unique masterpieces. So you can order whatever you want. Of course, they are more expensive than ready, because they are made from the beginning to the end in the hand, that is they are carved and painted in the hand. If you can not handle your wallet for something big, you can buy a baby chair. You do not have a baby at home. There is no hotter item for a living room than a carved sky chair.