Paleos Panteleimonas

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Paleos Panteleimonas

The idyllic Greek village of Paleos (Old) Panteleimonas is built on the green slopes of the tallest mountain in Greece, Mount Olympus at an altitude of 450 meters. Built at the end of the 14th century, the village is named after the church of Agios Panteleimonas which still stands in the main square among ancient plane trees. This is probably the most picturesque village at Mount Olympus and one of the best destinations for exploring the mythical mountain. The village is surrounded by beech and chestnut trees and offers magnificent views of the Aegean Sea, the Castle of Platamonas and the peaks of Mount Olympus.

The first houses were built by experienced artisans from Epirus. The same artisans also built several traditional houses on the Pelion peninsula. Stone houses with red-tiled roofs and wooden balconies, stone-paved alleys, a shaded square with old plane trees, the old church and lots of pots with colorful flowers, make Paleos Panteleiomanas a fairy-tale village, and one of the most beautiful villages in the entire Greece. The village is an excellent sample of Macedonian architecture and has been declared traditional village and protected settlement.

In the early 1950’s most residents migrated to other countries and the rest settled in the lower village of Neos Panteleimonas. Gradually, the village fell into decay and finally became abandoned. In 1980 the renovation of the old village began and months later, Paleos Panteleimonas was reborn. Nowadays, the village attracts visitors throughout the year. Old mansions have been restored and turned into lovely hospitable hostels and small luxury hotels, and traditional tavernas serve authentic Greek food and local wine. A number of shops offer handmade jewelry, folk art souvenirs, homemade jams and pasta, honey, herbs and spices. It is a great opportunity to buy pure local products among them wine and tsipouro made from cranberries gathered on the slopes of Mt. Olympus. Also, do not miss to taste the “koumara liqueur”, made of the fruits of the strawberry tree.

Although a small village, Paleos Panteleimonas has so much to offer. From Paleos Panteleimonas, you get fast to the sea and the lovely beaches of south Pieria. You can visit the archaeological site at Dion, the Castle of Platamonas and the Old Monastery of Agios Dionisios. For nature and action lovers, there are plenty of activities such as hiking the Enipeas Gorge, visiting the Orlias Waterfalls or climbing Mount Olympus. In the heart of the village, you will find the old school and church and many beautiful alleys to wander around. Moreover, you can combine your stay with hikes in the forest or with moments of relaxation under the shade of the plane trees in the main square, listening to the sound of rustling leaves.

Paleos Panteleimonas is located 100 km south of Thessaloniki and 38 km from Katerini. A five-kilometer winding road connects the village with the highway that runs from Larisa to Thessaloniki, at the junction with Neos Panteleimonas. Cars are not allowed in the village, but you may park at the entrance and walk the short path that leads to the heart of the traditional settlement.