Μετάφραση Greek Version


Lageri is one of the most exotic and well-hidden beaches of Paros. An unspoiled sandy paradise with divine crystal-clear waters, sand dunes and some cedar trees, situated between Naoussa village and Santa Maria beach. If you look for serenity and a place to relax away from loud music and organized beaches, Lageri is a good choice.

The secluded beach has recently become very popular for nudists and gays, a fact that makes it, not ideal for families with kids. The beach is not organized like few hundred meters away, Santa Maria is. So, if you decide to visit Lageri, be prepared to have with you water and an umbrella or a tent for the hot sun.

To reach the beach you have to drive from Naoussa village towards Santa Maria beach. Halfway, you have to turn left on a dirt road that leads to the beach. Be aware because there are no signs. Alternatively, you can take the public bus service that goes to Santa Maria and ask the driver to stop at Lageri. After a short walk you find this fantastic secluded beach with the shallow waters. Although Lageri is not on the tourist trail is highly worth a visit.


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