Megalos Roukounas beach

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Megalos Roukounas beach

Megalos Roukounas is probably the most popular beach in Anafi. It is located in the southern part of the island, overlooking to the east the giant monolith of Kalamos. It is about 4 kilometers far away from Chora, Anafi's capital town and it was for years the favorite destination for nature lovers, free campers and nudists, due to the tranquility and isolation it offered. The right side of the beach is still used exclusively by nudists.

Megalos Roukounas is a sandy beach, approximately 500 m long, with crystal-clear, blue waters. It is not organized so you will not find any parasols and sunbeds to rent, however there are showers and toilets as well as some tamarisk trees offering natural shade. It would therefore be good to visit the beach with the proper equipment. Nearby, there is a tavern where you can get water, coffee or taste quality, homemade food. It is worth climbing the low hill at the left end of the beach to see Roukounas with its crystal-clear waters from above. The view is really spectacular.

The beach is easily accessible through the regional road network that connects Chora with the Monastery of Zoodochos Pigi.


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