Velanio beach

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Velanio beach

This is a quiet beach with a nudist part. The only official nudist beach on Skopelos is a bit stony but less crowded and noisy than other beaches on the island. Here you can find people of all ages and plenty of room for everybody. This is a lovely beach with beautiful water for swimming in a beautiful setting. There is a snack bar and the beach does have umbrellas and sunshades to rent but most part of the beach is free of sunbeds. There are no other facilities of any sort on Velnio, and shade is poor when the sun is at its height so come prepared. To the left side of this huge beach is the nudist part, totally unspoiled and great to enjoy naturism. The two sections are divided by some big rocks, the second half being officially a nudist beach, so you do not have to be a nudist to visit Velanio.

It is quite a walk, as you have to park up and then walk, first down some steps and across Stafylos beach, then a little climb up and down the other side of some rocks, across a further beach, through some more rocks, then you arrive at this gorgeous beach. It is a bit of a hike to get there, but once you make it down to Velanio beach, the scenery is amazing. Untouched natural beauty, great quality of sand and the huge green rock on the side of the beach. The short walk is worth the experience. Do not lay close to the water’s edge, as with any passing boats, the waves will quickly come in and whip all your belongings out to sea.

You can hire a quad to access the beach but there are also regular buses from Skopelos harbor however, they do get packed quite quickly and you will need to walk for about 20-25 minutes from the bus stop at Stafilos to reach Velanio beach. Another option is to walk from Skopelos harbor all the way to Stafylos. The entire walk takes about an hour but is worth it, even in the heat. After reaching Stafylos beach, walk to the end of the beach and follow a sign to Velanio beach. Driving to Stafylos beach is easy but parking may be a pain, especially if you reach Stafylos beach at noon. Overall, if you feel comfortable with nudity and you really want to relax and enjoy being close to nature, Velanio is a perfect place for you!

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