Krios beach

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Krios beach

Krios is a fabulous beach and definitely one of the best in the Paleochora area. It is a long pebble beach divided into three consecutive coves, with great views down the coast and great for swimming and snorkeling. The variety of pebble colors really makes snorkeling a unique experience. The water is crystal clear and you can swim out to some spots maybe 30 feet deep and can still see the bottom perfectly.

There are kind of three parts to this beach separated by a big rock. If you go past the rock, it is very secluded and a favorite spot for nudist. This cove is the smallest of the three and is organized with parasols and sun beds. Here there are also some natural caves in the surrounding rocks, under which you may find some shade. The middle cove right after the parking lot is the most popular one. It is well organized with all the facilities and a lovely relaxed canteen on the beach. On the other hand, the first cove is not organized, is exposed to southern winds and is rockier than the other two.

Krios beach is located on the easter side of Cape Krios, 10 km west of Paleochora. It is easily accessible by road from Paleochora and is definitely one of the most unique beaches of Crete. The E4 trail to Elafonisi starts here. It takes you along the beach over the rocks between the two coves and then up to the hills. It is well worth taking part of the path up the hill where there is a little church and later on you get great views along the coast to Elafonisi. It is a 4-5 hour walk but completely worth it.


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