Meat with Chick Peas (Goat or Veal)
  • Category Meat



Portions 6

Difficulty Moderate

Meat with Chick Peas (Goat or Veal)

Cooking Instructions

1. We put chick peas in water from the previous evening, in order to get soft. 

2. We wash and cut meat in portions.

3. We then sizzle it with onions and then add as much water needed to cover the meat.

4. We add tomatoes or tomato paste,salt, pepper and a cinnamon stick.

5. When the meat has half boiled, we add the chick peas.

6. As soon as the chick peas boil, we turn off the stove and leave the pan covered for 5 minutes and than serve. In this dish, the chick peas can also be replaced with pasta or potatoes.