1. Poros (town)

Poros is the capital and the harbor of the island. Built amphitheatrically, combines urban majesty with traditional island beauty. Frequent and fast access from land and sea makes it a popular destination all months of the year. The Municipality of Poros organizes important cultural fests (Poros Arts Festival, Border), but also in the winter (Christmas Neighborhood, Halloween Events etc.), while Easter in Poros has a special value, with the customs of the Epitaph meeting at the harbor.
Walking along the beach and within the settlement, you will find imposing neoclassical buildings and mansions, the captains' legacy, hotels and rooms to let. During the summer months, the main coastal street is a pedestrian street from evening to late night, which makes Chora ideal for families with children, lovers of walking and cycling. There is a summer cinema and the Hatzopoulio Municipal Library with many cultural events.
At the highest point of the hill over which the city is built, the island's historic clock dominates. It was built in 1927 and is a unique sight for the island. Walking the road from there, you will be rewarded with the most beautiful sunset. In the modern marina in the evening the lights are reflected in the water while along the pier numerous cafes, restaurants, tourist shops and bars, make the city bustle with night and day life.

Protected Historical Monument - ΦΕΚ 1200/Δ/28-9-1993