1. Palaio Trikeri

Paleo Trikeri is a hidden paradise, so unspoiled by people and the modern way of life. In Paleo Trikeri there are no vehicles and the only means of transport are donkeys. Visitors wishing to travel to the tiny island must leave their cars at Alogoporos, the nearest point on the mainland, and from there travel across by taxi-boat. The journey takes only 10 minutes.

Paleo Trikeri is a lovely small village with a few streets, not more than 40 houses, a limited number of rentals and a couple of taverns. All in an incredibly beautiful landscape where you can only hear the sounds of birds and waves, the rustling leaves in the trees and the buzzing of the cicadas. A perfect place to relax and rest, make nice walks or just enjoy the sea and sun. There are no shops on the island and provisions come by boat once a week. The surrounding area features olive groves and hiking trails that lead to small pebble and mixed sand / pebble beaches. Although the island is not so well-known to most people, it is very famous as a stopping off point for those travelling on excursion boats around Pagasetic Gulf. The main attraction is the Monastery of the Annunciation of the Virgin Mary, built in the 19th century. Whilst in Paleo Trikeri, do not miss to taste fresh fish and seafood accompanied by tsipouro.

After 1947 during the Greek Civil War time Palaio Trikeri served as a concentration camp for female anti-facist political prisoners. The number of prisoners ran up to 4,700 people in September 1949 when also other political prisoners were transported to the island.