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1. Fourni (Chora)

Chora is the capital, main port and also the most popular village of the island of Fourni. An unspoiled village with whitewashed houses built on tiers above the harbor, narrow quaint alleys and small squares. It is well-known for its easy-going way of life and the peace it offers. In Chora you can wander through the narrow streets, enjoy the atmosphere and be part of the local lifestyle. The heart of the village beats in the main square where tourists and islanders sit under the shade of the tall plane trees drinking Greek coffee, tsipouro or orange juice, the island's most famous soft drink.

The waterfront is lined with small traditional taverns and restaurants where you can taste lobster pasta and delicious rice-stuffed goat. Fourni is famous for its local cuisine and for the best lobsters of the Aegean. The major event is the big feast that takes place every year on August, 15th with plenty of food, drinks, traditional music and dances. The feast lasts all night long and offers a unique experience to all those who are not familiar with that kind of Greek feasts, called “panigiria”. Chora in Fourni is a small paradise of Greece that still remains untouched by mass tourism.


2. Kambi

Kampi is a small settlement built amphitheatrically. Its "entrance" is located in the three mills, which you will meet by going up the road leading to Chrysomilia (and the rest of the island). It is considered as a tourist resort of Fourni and a very picturesque bay with calm waters.

Kampi has one of the most beautiful beaches on the island and an organized beach bar. There are many boats in the cove, while you will find accommodation with a sea view, shops and taverns.

3. Kamari

Kamari is a charming coastal settlement located in the eastern part of Fourni and It is 10 km NE from the capital. The sea of Kamari can offer a great snorkeling experience due to its crystal-clear waters. Swimmers will find here their little paradise as there are the ruins of an ancient half-sunken settlement.
The beach is surrounded by a rocky landscape and trees. It is protected from strong winds due to the small size of the bay.
There are few tourist facilities and taverns in Kamari. The tranquility of the landscape and the rare beauty will reward the visitors.

4. Ag.Ioanis Thermastis

Agios Ioannis is a small seaside settlement in the southern part of the island and is about 5.5 km away from the capital. It has white, traditional houses and a few locals. To enjoy the tranquility of the landscape you can go down the white stairs leading to the small mole of the village.

The church of Agios Ioannis Thermastis is also a beautiful scenery that you can visit overlooking the sea.

5. Chrysomilia

Chrysomilia is the second large village of Fournoi, 14 km far from the capital. Despite the fact that it is more isolated and difficult to access is worth visiting in order to enjoy a little of its serenity.

You can get there either by boat or by making a forty- minute car ride through a moderate state road. This is also amphitheatrically built and has a beach of unique beauty and a couple of taverns where you can taste fresh seafood.