Monastery of Agia Matrona

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Monastery of Agia Matrona

The route from Hydra to Monastery of Agia Triada is about 40 minutes. On the beach, the first street (Alphabank) on the left leads to the stadium and then to the pine-covered area of ​​the Monastery of Agia Fotini.

From Aghia Fotini we take a dirt trail and after a while we reach Mylos, an 18th-century stone building, which was a wheat processing plant.

At this point the road is divided into two paths, which lead to the Monasteries of Aghia Matrona and the Holy Trinity .

The Holy Monastery of Aghia Matrona is 15 minutes from the Monastery of Agia Triada, it is female, located on Mount Karesa and celebrates on 20 October.

Her husband was Chrysanthos Karatzas in 1865. In the monastery complex is also the church of Saint Sozonos, an extra jewel, on the inaccessible slope of the mountain of "Kares".