Parnassos Ski Resort

Photo: © Χιονοδρομικό Κέντρο Παρνασσού - Facebook Team

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Parnassos Ski Resort

Mount Parnassos Ski Resort is the largest and most famous Greek ski area. It boasts 23 runs and 17 ski lifts among them the first gondola in Greece. The slopes are located at 1,600 to 2,300 meters above sea level, and are suitable for all ski levels with different degrees of difficulty. In total Parnassos ski resort offers 36km of marked trails with 50% (18km) of the total trails ideal for beginners, 42% (15km) of the total trails being suitable for intermediate skiers and 8% (3km) for the more advanced skiers and snowboarders. For those seeking adventure and fun, there are several off-piste “black” trails with deep snow levels, providing lots of adrenaline and fun. Four of the slopes are certified by the International Ski Federation (F.I.S Homologration) for international ski competitions. From many parts of the ski resort, you can see the Corinthian Gulf as well as the Euboean Gulf. Skiing while having the sea as a view is a unique experience.

The ski resort is located in Central Greece and is the best organized in the country and one of the top ski resorts in the Balkans. It started operating in 1976 and has two winter sports areas Kellaria and Fterolaka. The short ski period and Its proximity to Athens, result in attracting large crowds during weekends and bank holidays. Mount Parnassos is overstretched during those days and even the economic crisis is not enough to turn the crowds away. The ski resort has a modern chalet where you can enjoy hot drinks and home-made meals. Also, boasts a ski equipment rental store, training academies run by experienced instructors for beginners and a fully equipped first aid station. The ski resort has its own snow plough machines for the clearance of the roads.

The ski resort is located 180 km from the city of Athens requiring only a 2-hour drive to reach the resort from the capital. Access by road is available from almost all sides of the Parnassos Mountain and consequently from anywhere in Greece. If you travel from Athens, you first have to head to Livadia and then choose one of the following three routes: 1) Tithorea – Amfiklia – PSC 2) Tithorea – Amfiklia – Polydrosos – PSC 3) Arachova – Intersection – PSC. A visit to Parnassos Ski Resort can perfectly be combined with a visit to the Archaeological Site of Delphi and to the picturesque village of Arachova. You can also visit the Byzantine Monastery of Osios Loukas of the 11th century, the traditional villages of Lilea, Eptalofos and Polydrossos or the beautiful seaside town of Galaxidi. Overall, Mount Parnassos Ski Resort is a nice surprise for anyone who thinks that holidays in Greece means sun, sea and extreme heat.

Parnassos Ski Resort operates from December till April from 09:00 to 16:00 on weekdays and from 08:00 to 16:00 on weekends and public holidays. The night ski slope is open from 17:00 to 20:00 but the opening time vary depending on the weather. Note that the opening times of the ski resort can also vary based in external weather conditions, day of the week, school holidays and public holidays.

Photo: Parnassos Ski Resort - Facebook Team