Ziria Ski Resort

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Ziria Ski Resort

Located at an altitude of 1,500 meters on a plateau of Mount Ziria, the Ziria Ski Resort is one of the newest ski resorts in Greece. It operates since 2007 and has been developed into a popular tourist and ski resort, attracting thousands of visitors of all ages but mainly families with children who want to start learning skiing. The ski resort features two slopes; an easy one for beginners served by a 150-meter baby lift and a second one for intermediate skiers and snowboarders served by a 400-meter sliding slop. There is a charming chalet made of stone and wood where you can enjoy hot and cold beverages and delicious food. Also, a ski and snowboard rental shop inside the chalet and a ski learning school with experienced instructors to help you learn the techniques of skiing.

Ziria is a very popular winter resort with beautiful hiking trails and amazing views all around. The resort offers unobstructed view to the peaks of Megali Ziria (altitude 2,374 meters), Mikri Ziria (altitude 2,117 meters) and the ravine of Flampouritsa. You can hire snowmobiles for nice rides in the snow or ATVs and Buggies to explore the mountain. Lake Dosiou, one of the most mountainous lakes in Greece is close by, so are many traditional villages such as Trikala Korinthias, Ziria, Karia and Zacholi. Due to its close proximity to Athens, attracts many people all year round. It is a perfect one-day destination and a great place to escape the city’s hustle and bustle. The Ziria Ski Resort is easily accessible via the Athens – Patra motorway (exit Xylokastro). Take the provincial road from Xylokastro to Trikala Korinthias and drive for 10 kilometers past the village. The Ziria Ski Resort is 155 km from Athens, 133 km from Patra and 76 km from Corinth.


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