Μετάφραση Greek Version


Kaimaktsalan ski resort is situated in Central Macedonia, Greece. Located between 2,050m and 2,480m on the northeastern slopes of Mt. Voras, it is the highest ski resort in Greece. Mt. Voras is at the frontiers with FYROM and is the third highest mountain in Greece. It offers glorious views all around and from the top you can see as far as Lake Vegoritida, the Thermaic Gulf, even Mt. Olympus on a clear day. The resort boasts 13 slopes of various degrees of difficulty and 6 lifts to transport skiers and snowboarders from the base at 2,050m/6,625ft to 2,480m/8,136ft above sea level. It has a specially designed course for snowmobiles in front of the chalet and a snowcat that transfers visitors to the peak of Mt. Voras (2,524 m) where the small chapel of Prophet Ilias sits. The chapel is a World War I monument, built for the victims of the battles that took place there. The snowcat runs regularly during weekends and bank holidays and upon request the other days. Since 2005, an artificial snow system has been installed for snowing slopes 7 and 8 as well as the area near the ski school and the baby lifts.

The ski resort has a three-strorey chalet with a welcoming restaurant and rooms to stay. The chalet is built at the base of the resort (2,050 m) and offers great views to the slopes. It is a nice place to sit and relax between descents, and a great place to enjoy a hot drink or a traditional meal. Apart from the chalet, the premises include a small shop with local products, equipment rental shop, ski learning school for beginners, information kiosk, automated ticketing system and a few parking areas. It is a lovely place to spend the day and have fun regardless of whether skiing or not. Being only 35 km away from Edessa, it is an ideal destination to combine skiing with sightseeing since the area is rich in cultural and historical sights. Kaimaktsalan ski resort is a 2 hours’ drive away from Thessaloniki and is open daily from 09:00 a.m. to 16:00 p.m. If you are planning to spend some days on the mountains, there are lots of traditional villages nearby with cozy hotels and guesthouses to stay.

Distance from major cities::

From Athens 580 km
From Thessaloniki:   128 km
From Edessa:  35 km