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39°7′N 23°43′E


95,5 km²


67 kms.




(+) 24240







GMT +2:00


Skopelos (Chora)






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The unspoiled island of Skopelos is renowned for being the greenest island in the Aegean, with mountain slopes clothed in pine forests rising from gorgeous beaches and turquoise waters. If you have ever seen the movie ‘Mamma Mia’ then you have seen the pure paradise that is the island of Skopelos. One of the country’s less talked about islands until the hit movie ‘Mamma Mia’ came to town for filming, is now a fantastic spot for fans of the famous Hollywood movie, and there are many hotspots that you can visit that have been featured in the film. Surprisingly this island is still ideal if you want to spend peaceful, laid-back vacations on an island characterized by its natural beauty, beautiful sunsets, charming villages, Mamma Mia movie locations, stunning beaches and crystal-clear waters.

One of the highlights is Skopelos Town, which is one of the first point that you will likely see when arriving in the port. Picturesque and filled with beautiful houses with brightly colored balconies and charming flower gardens, the town perfectly balances its fascinating heritage with a modern flare. In addition to its natural beauty, charming Chora and gorgeous beaches, Skopelos boasts quaint chapels and historic churches, ancient sites and an iconic lighthouse. One thing you must try while you are in Skopelos is one of the famous pies. Stuffed with cheese, spinach or other goods, they do taste really good. Whether you are looking for a luxurious retreat, a family trip, or maybe even a romantic gateway with your special one, you will definitely find something worthwhile to do on Skopelos.    

Skopelos is one of the many islands which comprise the Sporades Island group. Located east of the Pelion peninsula on the mainland and north of the island of Euboea, Skopelos is the second largest island in the Sporades.

Historically, the island was known as Peparethos or Peparethus. In the 2nd century AD, Ptolemy the Geographer is the first one to refer to Peparethus as Skopelos, probably as a reference to the many reefs surrounding the island.

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Bus: If you are looking for a relaxing break with just the occasional excursions, Skopelos boasts excellent transport links especially during the summer months. The bus starts at Skopelos Town, and runs in a circle around the island at frequent intervals throughout the day. The bus station in Skopelos Town is right by the port where the ferries arrive and the latest schedules are posted on the notice board. Tickets are very cheap and cost just a couple of euros.

Rentals: If you want to see the maximum during your stay on Skopelos, we would recommend hiring a car. Several car companies operate in Skopelos, most of them within a short walk of Skopelos Town port. Despite there are some gravel roads that take you to some of the most remote beaches, for the most part, roads are flat and well-paved. This also makes the island a perfect destination for cycling.

Taxi: There are a few taxi ranks in the main towns where you can find a car. Taxis may be useful for short trips when the buses are not running. However, the cost of taxis can add up, so if you plan to make a lot of trips you would better hire a car. Note that these do not use the meter and have a set rate for journeys, so check with the taxi driver on the cost before you start. Boats: Boats are a great way to explore the island’s stunning coastline and nearby islands.


Weather Annually Report

On coasts and islands of central and southern Greece, where the climate is Mediterranean, winter is mild and quite rainy, while summers are sunny and hot.

On the islands, during winter the wind often blows; precipitation often occurs at night and in the early morning. On the islands, snowfalls are rare, and generally occur only in the northern ones, during the most intense cold spells.

Spring is pleasant and sunny in most of Greece. The days with some rainfall become less and less frequent. In summer, in the Aegean Sea the Meltemi, a northerly wind typical of the warmest months (July and August), often blows, and even if the sky is clear.

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    The Feast of Agii Anargyri

  • 06 Aug 2024

    Feast of the Transfiguration of the Savior

  • 15 Aug 2024

    The Feast of Our Lady

  • 04 Dec 2024

    Τhe Feast of Agia Barbara