Bridge of Noutsos or Kokkoros

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Bridge of Noutsos or Kokkoros

It is an impressive one-arched bridge located between the villages Koukouli, Dilofo and Kipoi in Central Zagori. It was built in 1750 and it bridges Voidomatis river. It owes its name to Noutsos Kontodimos, resident of Vradeto, who financed the construction of the bridge at that time. There is an inscription on a black stone with the year of 1750 or 1752 (Lampridis also mentions Noutsos Karamersinis as the constructor in 1768).

The stone bridge is also known as the bridge of Kokkoris, as Kokkoris from the village of Koukouli, owner of a nearby mill, funded its renovation in 1910. Later it was also renovated by Alexis Noutsos, son of N. Karamesinis and therefore it is called by several people "Alexi's Bridge". The stone bridge, although very old, is still in good condition.

Next to it, there is the cave where the famous robber Ntavelis was hiding, when he was in pursuit by a Turkish military unit in the summer of 1881. Ntavelis believed that Agia Paraskevi saved him because a chapel dedicated to Agia Paraskevi, is located near the bridge. For this reason, the robber made the icon in honor to the Saint, that can be found in the small cave.

In 1977, part of the cobbled path was destoyed by unknowns in their effort to discover a hidden treasure. Fortunately, the archaeological service repaired the damage and the historic stone bridge still stands there.