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Bridge of Kleftis

The bridge of Kleftis is the second of the three bridges in the area of ​​Spilaio. It is located northeast of the village of Spilaio and further south of the bridge of Koutsogiannis. It served the communication of the Cave with the villages of Parori, Stavros, Kosmati as well as with Grevena.

It is a single-arched bridge, which bridges the narrow and deep gorge of the cave of Grevena. The river of Velonias passes through the closed cave before it comes out in the gorge and flows under the bridge of Liatissa. According to tradition, Captain Ziakas met with his lads here.

The bridge is accessible from the village of Spilaio. According to one version, it was built around 1800 by the thief Liatista. The area is even called the "thief's leap", since according to this legend, the thief, persecuted by the Turks, jumped across, making a vow that if he succeeds, he will build a bridge there.

It is located in a place of special natural beauty, above the vertical rocks of the gorge, which alternate with small filberts, to which probably according to another version is due to its name, from the Albanian word "liatissa", which means filberts.