Bridge of Porta or of Agios Vissarionas

Photo: © Cedomir Maletic

Μετάφραση Greek Version

Bridge of Porta or of Agios Vissarionas

The bridge of Agios Vissarionas, is situated 1.6 km west of Pyli, a small village in Trikala region. According to a marble inscription at the base of the bridge, it was built in 1514. The stone bridge of Porta or of Agios Vissarionas, was named after its founder, Saint Vissarion, bishop of Larissa and now honored saint, of Pyli and Trikala. He was the one who financed its construction which aimed the unique until the beginning of the 20th century, road connection between Thessaly and Epirus.

The stone bridge of Agios Vissarionas is the second largest arched bridge of Thessaly. It has a semicircular arc made of limestone and sandstone. The bridge was restored in 1968 and 1983 and most recently in 2005 and 2006. The bridge which spans over Portaikos river was served until 1936 as the only passage between the plain of Trikala in Thessaly and the villages of Asproptamos in Epirus, joining the mountains Itamos and Koziakas. Thanks to the purity of the river water activities such as swimming and fishing are permitted.

Near the bridge there is a parking lot and benches under the large plane trees. Within a short walking distance there are also a few small shops, selling local products and delicious “sapoune halva”.