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Μετάφραση Greek Version

Bridge of Gikas

It is located 1 km east of the Krania village, and spans an affluent of the Aspropotamos. It is used by the local shepherds as a passage to the fields. It is carried by one semicircular arch. Because of the morphology of the ground the bridge is not symmetrical. Its right part is longer and the slope there is sleeper. The right abutment is founded on a rock. The parapets of the bridge have been conserved and covered with concrete. It should be noticed the four metal transversal beams. It should be also indicated that the comer of the right abutment, at the upstream side of the bridge, is carved in such a way that reduces the water swirling. The arch and the abutments of the bridge are constructed in carved psammites. The rest parts are built in raw stone masonry. Because of the transversal beams in the arch, it is assumed that the bridge was built after the second half or the 18th century.