Photo: © Argyris Pafilis


Bridge of Vathia

In an area known as Giofyria, on the outskirts of Chrysavgi, there is a single arched bridge, the so-called Small Bridge of Chrysavgi. It is built over Tsirakiotiko also known as Vathia stream, that originates from the southern slopes of mountain Voio, located in the prefecture of Grevena, near the village of Tsiraki, today Agios Kosmas. Immediately after the bridge, the waters of the stream is joined with the waters of the Paliomagero stream, tributary of the Pramoritsa river.

In the past, the bridge connected the village of Chrysavgi with those of Koryfi and Tsotili. Part of the bridge is covered by the newer bridge which stands right next to it. In the covered part of the bridge there was the engraved plaque referring to the date of its construction, "1795 MINI JULY", which is now engraved into the new bridge in order to to be saved. Below the plaque, there is a stone, carved with a cross and a rosette on it. Worth mentioning are the two arcades that survive to date, which were placed in order the animals not to be scared when crossing the bridge. One end of its arch lies on a rock. The bridge is 18 meters long and 2.4 meters width. The opening of the arch is 10 meters and its maximum height is 5.4 meters.
PHOTO: Argyris Pafilis