The Newton Park

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The Newton Park

Newton Park is an innovative recreation and play area with a clear educational character. The place is autonomous, independent with activities for all ages and is the first educational and amusement park in Evritania. Here are some of the machines of Archimedes, Newton and others. In each exhibit-toy there are instructions for how to use and general information in Greek and English.

Activities & Exibits

  •   "Karavaki" playground
  • Bouncy castles
  • Rocking horse toys
  •  Maze
  • Soap Bubbles
  • Magnet alphabet table
  • Hoop throwing games
  • Recycling area with aducational signs -Can crusher
  • Tic tac toe tower
  • Libra scale balancing
  • Pipe insturment
  • Gear wall
  •  Kids ball throwing tower
  • Rubber duck racing
  • Volley court
  • Sand ball-bal throwing game
  • Mini-excavator area
  • Weather Station
  • Archimedes screw  -exhibit  & Water wheel -exhibit
  • Newton's Pendulum  Action - Reaction -exhibit
  • Pendulum waves -exhibit
  • Archimedes claw mechanism -exhibit
  • Principle of Conservation of angular momentum -exhibit
  • Vortex -exhibit
  • Solar energy bots exhibit
  • Transfer of energy - exhibit
  • Einstein's theory of general relativity and geometric gravity - exhibit
  • Perpetual motion machines- why they can't be realized  -exhibit
  • Protractor (angle meter) swing
  • Spinning illusion wheels
  • Flying fox activity -  Omega
  • Ladder ball /ladder golf
  • Sound district
  • slackline activity for all ages
  • Medium soccer field
  • Domesticated animal farm


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