Traianoupoli Thermal Springs

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Traianoupoli Thermal Springs

The hot thermal springs of Traianoupoli were a major attraction from ancient times.

The old baths are comprised by two domed buildings of the 16th century, each having a tank and locker rooms. The new baths began to be built in 1962 and were completed in 1964. They are located in the historic site of Traianoupoli, on the National Road,at a distance of 14 km from Alexandroupoli, on the way to the Greek- Turkish borders. Today, they are managed by the Tourist Curative Company of the municipality of Alexandroupoli.    

The water of the spring has a temperature of 51- 52oC and it is characterized as superheated Cl- Na- Ca- K- B-HS hypotonic, slightly radioactive curative water of municipality of Alexandroupoli.

The water of the springs is suitable not only for spa but  for mineral water therapy as well.

There is the same hotel, mini market and restaurant.
It is recommended for the treatment of many diseases such as rheumatism, gynecological ailments, peripheral nerve diseases, kidney diseases, bile, liver malfunction, and digestive disorders. Even after the completion of the treatment the beneficial effects of the spring water of Trajianoupolis still apply making evident how valuable and effective the use of these thermal springs can be.
The facilities in the thermal city are heated by the hot water thus keeping the environment healthy and pleasant. The thermal city has a hydrotherapy centre with 15 bathtubs and 7 jacuzzi tubs. The temperature of the water ranges between 36- 37o C. Also, it has accommodation and eating facilities.