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The hydrotherapy center of Ypati lies 11 km from Lianokladi Railway Station and 19 km from Lamia. It is located in a verdant area of ​​the valley of Fthiotida, crossed by the Sperchios river, at the foot of mount Oiti. The area of the Ypati region is devoid of moisture during the summer months and due to this fact and the low altitude, the prevailing climate is mild and dry. The springs of Ypati gush from a 16 meter deep natural rift within the park, which looks like a volcano or crater.

Ypati's hydrotherapy center is one of the finest and most synchronized hydrotherapy facilities. Includes luxurious bathtubs with continuous bathers' rest rooms, first class bath tub, second-class bath tub, special treatment bath, and bathrobes for heavy skin sufferers. The bathtub chambers 'compartments are surrounded by several bathers' waiting and resting rooms. At the same time, it has mechanical ventilation facilities for the gas-removal chambers and cleaners of the bathtubs with 80 degree Celsius sputtered water.

The source of Ypati has a peculiar physicochemical composition and belongs to a rare category of hydrothio-chloronates and alkaline earth oxides. None of today's sources resemble that of the springs of Ypati. Mostly this source represents 2 categories of sources of oxycarbon and sulfur and therefore corresponds to the two types of baths of carbonaceous carbon or carbon dioxide baths and hydrosulfides.

Are ideal for circulatory diseases, hypertension, chronic diseases of the nervous system, rheumatism, arthropathies, migraines, post-traumatic conditions, vascular diseases and syndromes, coronary artery insufficiency, inferior limb, varicose veins, heart disease, nervous system disorder, tachycardia, arrhythmias, skin disorders, eczema, dermatitis, peripheral nerve and muscle disorders, paralyzed s and muscle atrophy.

Its temperature, reaches the 33.5 degrees Celsius, which is similar to that ofthe human body. So visitors who have problems with heart disease and hypertension can fearlessly accept their healing properties.

The facilities operate throughout the year between 06:00 am and 14:00 pm.