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Methana Thermal Springs

The thermal springs of Methana have been the result of volcanic activity, known for thousands of years for their effective and life-saving effects on health and beauty. The texts of Pausanias, Strabonas, Ovidius, testify to their existence and reputation from ancient times.
The waters that flow from the springs "carry" numerous valuable trace elements of minerals that offer unique healing properties for many diseases and the general rejuvenation of the body of all ages. Here lies the mythical magic of an ancient skin care secret, where it restores its elasticity and freshness and you a perfect look and feel of youth and vitality.
They have beneficial therapeutic properties for many diseases such as arthropathy, disc disease, spondyloarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, fractures, gynecological diseases, infertility, ribs, fatigue, respiratory diseases, chronic bronchitis, skin diseases.
Nature has richly donated valuable ingredients to the thermal waters of Methana in large quantities and of enormous therapeutic importance, which justifies their uniqueness and unique place in the history of the healing springs, not only in Greece but also in Europe.