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Agiasos is a large and mountainous village of Lesvos located on the slopes of Mount Olympus at an altitude of 460 meters, 27 km away from Mytilene town. Agiasos retains unchanging elements of traditional architecture and although it is not a seaside settlement, it has great tourist traffic during the summer months and in the autumn.

Agiassos has a rich cultural heritage that the inhabitants have to save and transplant to the next generations, and that is the reason they built their Ark of Culture:  the Anagnostirio (reader). It was founded in 1894 and since then has never ceased to be active in theater, music, the promotion of letters, the collection of folklore material and organizing many of the most popular events of Lesvos. Today, dozens of children learn classic and traditional instruments, spearheaded by the santouri whose music dominates all over Agiasos, and they have showed important musical presentations inside and outside national borders.

In the square of the village you will meet the exquisite and famous Church of Panagia Vrefokratoussa or otherwise, the Panagia of Agiasos. According to the most prevalent version, the town owes its name to an inscription of "Agia Sion" bearing the historical image of the Virgin Mary which is a reference icon for the whole of Lesvos. The feast that takes place in Agiasos every August 15th is one of the largest on the island as hundreds of loyalists’ flock from every corner of the island by foot. Just outside the church do not miss to make a stop in the traditional coffeehouses with the big shadow, for the traditional Greek coffee together with traditional handmade sweets of the spoon. Taste the unique Agiasotiki vasilopita (that is made all year round), the only in its kind “touloumotiri”, ( cheese that is made in a goat's belly) and the traditional halva that does not look like anything you may have tasted so far.

If you are a fan of folk art, Agiasos is the largest center of craftsmanship of the island with a wide variety of textiles, woodcrafts and ceramics. You will find many shops with such hand-made treasures as well as the famous payavlakia (small clay creations that you fill with water and blowing makes a very distinctive sound). A great souvenir from Agiasos.

Also popular is the "Chestnut Festival" between late October and early November, which has managed to become known all over the island, and not only, by getting fanatical fans waiting for that day as a reason for a winter mountain getaway, a walk in the narrow streets of Agiasos, but also a tour of the many walking paths of Kastanionas.

A little further outside of Agiasos is the picturesque village of Asomatos, where it is worth a stop as well as an oasis of coolness in the area of Agion Anargiron, with the homonymous chapel, the river with the running waters, the plane trees under which you can enjoy your coffee or ouzo in the tavern.

1. The Cafedaria
2. The Ecclesiastical and Folklore Museum of the Holy Pilgrimage of Panagia
3. The Old Guesthouse of the church of Panagia
4. The New Guesthouse of the church of Panagia
5. The Reading Room
6. The Folklore Museum of the Agiasos Reading Room
7. The Carnival Museum
8. The Chapels of Zoodochou Pigi and Agathonos Ephesiou
9. The Church of the Holy Trinity
10. The Market Square
11. The City Hall
12. The Garden of the Virgin
13. The old olive mill
14. The Castelli
15. The Karyni
16. The small church of Ai Dimitris