Porto Kagio

Μετάφραση Greek Version

Porto Kagio

The picturesque fishing village of Porto Kagio is located in a small bay, north of Cape Matapan, the southernmost tip of the Mani Peninsula and is the southernmost natural port of mainland Greece. Porto Kagio is a tiny village past the famous tourist areas of the Peloponnese.

The village has always been a very important port. The famous traveller Pausanias, in the 2nd century AD, mentioned Porto Kagio in his writings. At the time, the port was known as Psammathous. The modern name comes from the Venetian Porto Quaglio and the French (Frankish) Port des Cailles (Quail Port).

Porto Kagio was the base of the pirate fleet of Lambros Katsonis. Lambros Katsonis sailed from port to port, looting Ottoman boats and trying to get the Greeks to start a revolution. During World War II, it was the place from which a significant number of British soldiers escaped to Egypt.

It is a quiet village where most of its people are involved in tourism. During summer, the small port is flooded with numerous sailing boats that dock at Porto Kagio’s beautiful natural port. The picturesque village is far from civilization making it peaceful and quiet. Right in front there is a quite small pebbly beach with crystal-clear waters and the area is great for snorkelling. There are a few tavernas and some rooms to rent. Porto Kagio is a great base if you want to explore Cape Tainaron with its beautiful lighthouse, the Gateway to Hades or visit the historical stone village of Vathia.