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Μετάφραση Greek Version

Port of Aegiali - Langada - Stroumbos - Panagia Epanochoriani - TholariaIA


Along this itinerary, you will enjoy the natural landscape of Aegiali with intermediate stops at Tholaria and Lagada. Start from Aegiali and head for Tholaria. At the exit marking of Aegiali, at the small chapel of Agii Theodori on the right there is an asphalt road leading to the houses situated further up. After about 10 meters, there is a narrow path on the right side of this road.

Follow the path and you will soon discover a small red and white signpost bearing the number “4”. This number will accompany you all along the itinerary. Walk along the poles until you reach an old stepped road that will lead you to another chapel.

Then the route continues upwards and after ten minutes you will reach a spring built in a rock. There is a bucket there that is used to water animals. A bit further on, you will reach a crossroad with a steep road leading to the valley. Continue towards Tholaria and after about 10 minutes from the spring you will reach a large parking area.

From there, follow the path inwards, towards the large church of Agii Anargiri and continue along the stepped road on the right and below the church.

At the first division of the road after the church, turn left up to the stairs. The road is more visible now on the cliff behind the village. About half an hour after leaving Tholaria, on a cobbled road with a wonderful view of Aegiali valley, the path turns sharply to the right.

You will see the small chapel of Agios Taxiarchis on the left. A bit further away, on the left side of the road, there is a wooden signpost with the word “Astratios”. Follow the road heading towards the cone-shaped hill of “Paggos”, which after a few meters will lead you to a fork with a signpost. That is where the path leads on the left going up the steps to a dead end road that surrounds half the road. About ten minutes after the crossroads, on the hill in front of you, you will notice the wonderful whitewashed ecclesiastical installation of Panagia Epanahoriani.

The signposting for itinerary 4 leads to a fork on the right towards the hill. Following this road, you will reach the village of “Stroumbos”. To approach the Panagia, with its wonderful view and courtyard with cypress trees, walk down a few steps to the left into a small gorge and past a corrugated iron cistern.

Five minutes after the road divides, you will be standing in front of the white church.

After the church of Panagia, follow the wide, downhill road, and then a gorge. After a few minutes, you will reach a crossroads. Continue to the left towards the Monastery of Agiou Theologou (4 kilometers) and the chapel of Stavros (7 kilometers). Then follow the path leading to Lagada. The road is full of sage, oregano, and other aromatic plants. Follow the path and 15 minutes after the church of Panagia you will reach the village of Lagada. Follow the main road crossing the village and passing by the enchanting Loza Square. Five minutes after your arrival in the village, there is a cobbled downhill path passing on the left of a flat cistern. The road is built between small stone walls. Oak trees will make their appearance now. About half way between Lagada and Ormos, you will cross the asphalt road. After half an hour from the village of Langada you will reach (following the downhill road) the port of Aegiali.

You need only a bottle of water since there are a lot of possibilities for provision during the walk.