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Μετάφραση Greek Version

Filoti - Summit of Zas Mountain - Filoti

It is about the ascent to the highest mountain of all the Cycladic islands, Zas Mountain, which is rumoured to have taken its name from the ancient Greek God Zeus, who lived in the cave of Zas located on the western side of the mountain.

This hike starts from the little chapel of Agia Marina, on the way between the villages of Filoti and Danakos. There, you will find a quite clear trail and after 45 minutes of walking, you will see a crossing. Choose to go right because the other way is much tougher and it is very likely that you will get lost.

Keep on walking to the top where you will have the chance to enjoy a view to the whole island of Naxos as well as the nearby islands. The view from up there is definitely impressing.

You can go back following the same way.