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Μετάφραση Greek Version

Apiranthos - Koronos - Skado

This hike starts from the main street of Apeiranthos. You’d better ask first where this small concrete road is so as to start your hike.

Go down to the fertile area of the village and don’t forget to close each and every door you will need to open as they are used by the locals for guarding their goats. After about a 3km walk on this trail, take a left until you reach the main asphalt road.

Then, you go right and after less than 1km walk you will see the church of Stavros (“Cross”). There, you can enjoy a magnificent view of the whole island and the sea, as well. Keep on walking on this asphalt road towards Apollonas and you will shortly find a cobbled path leading to the next two villages.
Reaching the end of this path, follow the downhill steps that will bring you to the heart of Koronos. Have a break in this wonderful village of the mountainous Naxos which is famous for its hospitality and its products of fine quality. A stop-over in any of its taverns is considered indispensable.
Then, passing through the village you will find a path that leads to the nearby picturesque village of Skado, after less than an hour walk in a northern direction. 

Walking on the island of Naxos anybody has the chance to be in contact with the wonderful nature of this place, the diversity of which will definitely impress them. In all those walking routes you will meet and cross trails, cobbled streets and dirt roads that once used to join the villages and bring people into contact.

The images change continuously and the interest will definitely remain unflagging through seeing monuments, valleys, mountains, springs as well as through meeting the local residents of the villages in which the hikers will have the chance to have a rest, replenish their supplies and carry on their tour.