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Μετάφραση Greek Version

Marmara - Molos Beach - Fanari – Kalogeros Beach

An easy hike in the plain from Marmara to Molos beach, and along the sand to Kalogeras beach.

You will traverse narrow and wider paths and dirt roads to the left of the paved road. Exit the village on the cobblestone street to the left and turn right at the intersection. The route is beautiful, through cultivated land and trees. At the end of the path, after about 600 meters, turn left and then right after another 200 meters. You will find yourself on the straight stretch towards Molos beach.

When you reach the sea, turn right towards Kalogeros and follow the dirt road on the sand. With the small harbor in front, turn right and follow the uphill path leading to Kalogeros beach, behind the little hill. Alternatively, turn left halfway down the short dirt road leading to the beach onto the path that leads to the tip of the headland and take in the view, the wild landscape and the sight of Kefalos hill