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Μετάφραση Greek Version

Lefkes - Alyki


 Those who are lovers of hiking, but you also have resistance, you can take the route from Lefkes to Aliki. You climb from Lefkes to Agios Pantes, which is the highest peak of Paros (776 m). You are going from St. John the Cape, Saint George, Aeneratza and Kamari, which is a real challenge.

Along the way there are dry stone, vineyards and olive trees, aromatic plants of the mountain, fruit and vegetable gardens, herbaceous plants, cedars, snakes and shrubs. When you reach Agios Theodoroi, you have two choices. On the right the road leads to Ageria, left to Aspro Chorio and Drios, and if you continue, you reach Aliki , where you can dive into its cool waters.
On the way, we climb to the Holy Pantes and reach the chapel of Prophet Elias, which is at the top. From there we see a large part of the Cyclades. We also pass by the monastery of Saints Theodoroi (1928), where nuns live. From that point you have two options. On the right the road leads to Aggeia and to the left to Aspro Horio and Drios . Whichever way you go, you end up on the beach.