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Μετάφραση Greek Version

Chora - Roukounas - Megas Potamos - Zoodochos Pigi Monastery

The footpath starts outside of Chora, at the intersection between the road leading to the Monastery and the road leading to the port (1). A sign will lead the way to the path, while at Katsouni (2) a fork in the road will lead you to the settlements of Kleisidi and Agios Nikolaos (Port). The route is mainly coastal, crossing the south part of the island and provides direct access to the following beaches: Katsouni (3), Flamourou, Mikros Roukounas and Megalos Roukounas (5), Katalimatsa (6), Megas Potamos (7), Agioi Anargiroi (8) and Prasies (9). At Flamourou (4) it is suggested to follow the upper path due to accessibility reasons. Several sections of the path are paved with stones. The Monastery (10) (Kato Monastery), where the Temple of Apollo is located, is the most important destination of this route, as well as its ending. At this point the route is connected with route 2. The path linking Chora and Roukounas is interrupted in some parts by the motorway and is in a good state overall.