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Μετάφραση Greek Version

Artemonas - Agios Sostis

Starting with an interesting strolling between the large 19th c. mansions of Artemonas, the trail moves uphill till the village of Agia Anna. From there, you will walk on a “balcony trail”, enjoying endless views to the Aegean sea and the Cyclades. The trail will pass through Agios Minas agricultural settlement. A little after the village, there is a wooden gate that you should pass through.

The place is called “Portes of Agios Sostis” (translated “the doors of Agios Sostis”). Here the vegetation changes. The slopes are harsher and drier. The trail, after a few hundred meters from the gate becomes large, with many steps, and is probably ancient. You will be walking on the footsteps of the ancient miners, that worked under hard conditions on the lead and silver mines, till you reach the end of the trail, at the church of Agios Sostis. The mines, according to some theories, where in use since the Early Bronze Age (2800 -2200 B.C.). They were also used during classical times and again in the 19th and 20th c.