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Avlona - Ancient Vroukounda

This is not just a trail; it is a true cobblestone avenue. It is hard not to get emotional when you follow an ancient path. The fact that after all these years this is still the road pilgrims walk on in order to get to Vroukounta is not a coincidence. Every year from August 27 through 29 this ancient avenue is filled with people heading to the church of Ai-Giannis while unconsciously partaking in the continuity of time of this very place just like their ancestors did before them.

As you set out from Avlona, follow the main dirt road heading north. Less than 500 meters ahead, you will find a big sign under a fig pointing left towards Vroukounta. Pass through the dry-stone walls and then turn right. The blue and red lines will lead you to a well collecting rainwater for animals and people. After you walk past it you will enter the cobblestone avenue heading downhill towards the sea. When you reach the sign pointing towards the location of the shields monument take the detour. Seeing them embossed on the rock with a gaping hole carved right under them will make your jaw drop. The place looks like a sacrifice location. There are stones scattered all around the place, possible fragments of an ancient community…no one can tell for sure. Right before you start the great downhill climb that will lead you to Vroukounta, you’ll come across a rock casting its shadow on a bench that marks approximately the middle of your journey. You are in Hondri Voula. In 30 minutes you’ll have reached your destination.

Starting point: Avlona settlement.

Endeavor: ancient city of Vrukunda.

Height gradient: 300 m - 20 m

Route type: Path (3.6 km), dirt road (560 m).

Vegetation: low bushy.

Interesting places: the cobbled path along the route, the archaeological site of the ancient city of Vrukunda, where dozens of carved tombs, ruins of walls and fortifications, as well as parts of its Hellenistic walls and the beautiful underground chapel of Agios Ioannis are preserved.