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Kambia Canyon

Arriving at Campia, we head down to the village square and a few meters ahead of it, we follow the downhill road that passes between the houses. After the last house, the path begins.


Already at the beginning of the path, we see the verdant gorge, which crosses the path, stretching out in front of us.


Following the path, we descend, listening to the sound of the water, which is thrown by the tributaries into the torrent. Only witness to the existence of waterfalls or our hearing, since dense vegetation prevents any visual contact.


The path goes down to the river and we are just walking along the river. At this point, through dense vegetation, we can see a beautiful arched bridge to access the small waterfall that is formed.

The route alongside the river lasts long enough, amidst dense vegetation of pine trees, plane trees, wild roses. Arriving at the second bridge, we pass across and leave the bed on our right.


From there, the path ascends, moves away from the river and passes through the cultivated land. The height we gain, however, allows us to have a panoramic view of the platans and other species of aquatic vegetation that follow the flow of water, as well as enjoy the image created by the opposite meander rocks with the pine trees perched on them.

The castle of Oria stands above us on the top of a large vertical rock. In his arms is the chapel of Agia Paraskevi and beyond the bird watch.


As we continue our path, the path begins to descend again and soon the river meets again. At this point where the impressive cypresses dominate, there is a small barrier, the edge of which begins the stone irrigation groove that leads the water to the orchards

Through the bridge, located just below, we pass across, having the bed on our left again. We walk by the river with the stone walls of the corridors on our right. Along our feet, the irrigation groove is also directed to the sea, dividing the water in all the overloaded citrus fruits.


The first agro houses have begun to appear, just like the road that has been opened from the beach and leads to them.

At the end of the journey we reach the sea and the wetland that forms the river estuary.


Alternative routes: Following the good dirt road from Kambia to Orya Castle, we can meet the main path in two different places. If we choose the route to the sea, it takes us to a point where the completion of the route to the estuary is possible with a mountain bike. It is recommended to avoid starting off the coast, due to the very steep incline of the climb to Kambia.