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Μετάφραση Greek Version

Agii Pateres - Nea Moni

The route starts from the monastery of the Agii Pateres and following the asphalt road for about two hundred meters, we reach the entrance of the path, where there is the information sign.

The prominent path after a few meters gives its place on the old cobbled road, very well preserved and relatively wide, resting on well preserved dirt road.

Almost the entire length of the path maintains the stone steps that smooth the slope of the slope and offer satisfactory traceability. The route includes several maneuvers leading to the Monastery of Nea Moni.


Almost all the way, we see the building of the Nea Moni building from above and overlooking Mount Penthodos and the Holy Monastery of Agios Markos  which is built on its top. The view of the city of Chios and the coast of Asia Minor is unique.


At the high points of the route, the ground is rocky, with sparse vegetation and burnt pines, and in many places the natural regeneration of the forest is evident.

As we descend, the vegetation thickens. At the edges of the path, we see coumaris, ragoutos, vineyards, oregano, urchins and many naturally regenerated groups of small pine tree trachea.


Close to Nea Moni, the landscape changes as there are olive groves and tall cypress trees.


Before we reach the historic monastery, which marks the end of the journey, we pass in front of the chapel of Agios Loukas, which is the cemetery temple of Nea Moni.