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Μετάφραση Greek Version

Mythical Asopos

Route: Pagoni-Skotini-Freatsi-Tzikides-Chrysoleontissa Monastery

The eastern route, originally on a dirt road, follows the stream of the Skotini (Asopos in antiquity), a site important for the island's water supply, which has always suffered from water scarcity. The stream enriches the aquifer with natural and artificial dikes, and there was a watermill in the past.

Walking alongside the stream, we pass through the large oak tree and then under the Freatsi settlement. In this fertile area there was a source, threshing floor, wine press, etc. characteristic features of the self-sufficiency of the agrarian settlements of earlier times. This is where the easy dirt road ends and the route continues on a path. We are crossing the opposite bank of the stream. The area is rich in vegetation and high biodiversity with high shrubs and trees ***

The route continues to southwest direction and stunning panoramic view to the harbor and the Saronic Gulf, passes through the outskirts of the settlement of Tzikidon, initially on a dirt road and asphalt road and soon again turns uphill to lead us first to the big 20m diameter throne and to the monastery of Chrysoleontissa.

*** Pears - Pyrus, Juniperus, Quercus coccifera and Pistacia lentiscus. Climbing climbers such as the evergreen (Clematis cirrhosa), and the crickets (Smilax aspera) climb on them. We enjoy the scent of scrub like wild lavender (Lavandula stoechas), Thymus capitatus, Teucrium polium and Ladybug (Cistus). With a little luck, we can still admire wild orchids, wild hyacinths and irises.

The course as a whole is the hiking route 6 of the network of Paths of Culture.

The course is very well marked, while at the beginning and on key points of the route there are signs of direction and information.