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Μετάφραση Greek Version

Hydra - Agios Mamas - Klimaki

From the small settlement of Lekouresi, outside of the small port of Kamini, where the first pines start, there is a path which passes through the river of Kitros and leads to a three path junction. The first path leads to the east up to the mountain Eros to the Holy Monasteries of Saint Evpraxia and prophet Elias.

The second path to the south leads to the Location Klimaki and the Church of Saint Konstantinos and Helen and to a well. The third path leads us west to the small Church of Saint Mamas.

Before we reach Saint Mamas we can see from afar the mountain Gouri and remainings of old farmhouses. The Church of Saint Mamas is white and at the plateau of mountain Eros. To reach there we have to follow a difficult path but also one with the nicest views. The day of the ceremony of Saint Mamas, in the 2nd of September, the priest blesses except fror the people and all the animals.

Continuing the route from Saint Mamas, after 30 minutes, the visitor will reach to the place Klimaki, a coastal town with many cottages, churces and beautiful beaches. There you will find the rocky cove of Kriemadi that is a place of meeting for the Meditteranean seals.