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Μετάφραση Greek Version

Chora - Kaminia - Vlychos - Episkopi - Agios Georgios of Bisti

The first of the two major routes that cross Hydra leads from the settlement of Hydra to the west end of the island, on the coast of Bisti, Georgiou. This part of the island is full of pine trees, offering a different image of the island, identified with a bare rocky formation.

The route at the beginning follows the northern beach of the island alongside the sea through the scenic settlements of Kaminia, Vlycho, Plakes and Palamida bay (there is a small shipyard) where the route leaves the beach and heads south to the village of Episkopi.

In this section there is a small dirt road that is not used by cars. After Episkopi, the path acquires southwest direction offering an excellent view of the coast of the island.

The combination of rich vegetation and splendid views create a beautiful route that ends up in Bisti's picturesque bay and in the homonymous chapel to which the sea taxis will also be used to make your return to Hydra. The route is very well marked.

The settlement of Episkopi, consisting of scattered dwellings, is located on the only small plateau on the island of Hydra at an altitude of 200 m. Beyond the coast, the settlement, from the surface finds, seems to have been a place of timeless living, possibly evolved into an organized settlement, which can only be ascertained if organized excavations are organized. The habitation in Episkopi has been established from the third millennium to the Byzantine period. Today, the area exudes an archaeological aura, as the relics, shelters and foundations of houses and buildings are found throughout the plateau.

Route 2 is a long journey that lasts 5-6 hours and the hiker must have water and food that are not on the way. Due to the length of the route that reaches 12.5 km, a good trekking shoe is necessary. Because of the low altitude there is no problem of bad weather, but depending on the season, make sure you have the appropriate outfit. Avoid the summer months when the temperature is over 30 ° C.

However at the end of the journey you can enjoy a sea bath at Bisti Beach, which is organized with sun loungers during the summer. Because return is very difficult to hike, you have to have a taxi to pick you up from the bush.

The end of the route is in the picturesque double caves of Ag. Georgiou Bisti, who face Petaris.

Ground condition: Path, dirt road 4 km, cement road 12,4 km (100%).