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Μετάφραση Greek Version

Frikes - Second Kourvoulia

Part of the old Frikes-Kioni road. From Frikes, we take the asphalt road to Stavros. After some houses, and after we pass in front of St. Andrew's Church, we find on our left a broad dirt road. We follow it and after a while we arrive in front of the stone windmill that stands above, over the port of Frikes, at the foot of the mountain of Vigla. The view to the beautiful village of Frikes and to the sea is panoramic and absorbs the look. Attention to the section of the route after the windmill: The slope of the mountain is very steep, so do not approach the left side of the path! Continuing the alley between cypress trees, forests and kumarias, we pass over First Courvoulia bay and end up at the Second Courvoulia Cove. We cross the asphalt road and a small ladder leads us to a beautiful pebble beach and crystal clear waters. Descending the ladder, left an old lime kiln.

Recommended times: afternoon