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Perachori - Agia Paraskevi - Forest - Agios Gerasimos

The Forest of Perachori is located just above the first houses of the village. It is developed in a hillside, on a terrain with an excellent call and consists of tall and old trees, mainly alleys, but also passages and pines. The tree belongs to the family of oak and is a tree that reaches 25 meters high, with dense foliage.  As a result, the forest of Perachori is dense, and in addition to some clearings, in many places the sun does not reach the ground, just a few moments of the day. Walking through the woods is quite easy, as long as we take the clear land call and the many dry, fallen leaves that make it even more slippery. The route that is bounded by two small white-white chapels is easy and short but requires attention and appropriate equipment in clothing, shoes, hats and water, like any walk in nature. The small chapel of Agia Paraskevi is presented in front of us in the trees that embrace it. The panoramic views of Perachori, Vathy, the Ionian Sea, the countless islands between Atokos, Oxia, the coasts of Sterea Hellas and the Peloponnese, will take your breath away.