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Lefki – Ammoudaki

The path Lefki – Ammoudaki in northern Ithaca takes hikers through the lush greenery of the island to one of the most secluded beaches of Ithaca. Starting from the village of Lefki, you should leave your car in the village square. A few steps farther, starts the trail Lefki – Ammoudaki, leading to the beautiful and remote beach.

The trail is steep and most part of it is paved. Along the way you will be impressed by the lush green vegetation, since almost all of the island’s flora is found in this wooded area: redbuds, cypresses, olive trees, fig trees, almond trees, sage with its intoxicating scent, but also many shrubs and wildflowers on every step.

In the middle of the path you will be pleasantly surprised by a well, which the locals know as the Well of the Ambelos (Vine). Hikers will have the opportunity to cool off and to rest on its stone steps.

The route is considered easy, but steep. In any case, you will need the proper equipment: shoes, water and a hat for the sun, which beats down on the area until late in the summer afternoons, since the path faces west.