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Μετάφραση Greek Version

Mountain of Pandokratora (Strinyla - Kranoula - Top of Pandokratoras)

Pantokratoras is the highest mountain in Corfu with an altitude up to 917m. There you’ll discover the traditional small villages Palia (Old) Perithia and Nea (New) Perithia. Prepare yourself to walk on paths among cypresses and buildings in a mix of Greek and Italian style. If you approach the start and ending point of the mountain on foot, you can notice the Italian influence in the architecture of this quiet mountain village. This wonderful ride takes you on a circuit of the high ridge of the Cross. 
All the way you can enjoy the fantastic view from the altitude of Pantokrator. Following the road to the Cross, you’ll pass the house in Dafnata and than, walking on the main road, you’ll see the Stroggyli valley, the Korission lake and the mountain villages Agios (St.) Mathaios and Vounatiades. On our way up we’ll find a magnificent cave, used as shelter years ago. Once again, the geographical landscape looks amazing. A little further, after a short detour, there is a magical chapel, built upon rocks overhanging the hill.

At this point, we leave the path behind us, and continue on the local road, always having as companion the fantastic view from Pantokratoras. Here you’ll find yourself in front of a dilemma; you can either to continue the road, or to walk through the picturesque village so you can admire the old traditional Greek buildings. Either way, at the end of the road, a refreshing soda and a good tavern with traditional food will be waiting for you.

In the area of ​​Pantokratoras - the tallest mountain of Corfu - there are two routes. The one - without marking - starts from the Old Perithia (450 meters altitude) and ends at the top of Pantokratoras (917 m altitude) (duration of climb 1 hour and 15 '). The second route starts from the village of Strinila and, through the position of Kranoula, takes off to the north of the village, at the top of the mountain (2.5 hours).

Required equipment: climbing boots or any other shoes suitable for walking. We suggest you to wear a long sleeves shirt and a hat for the sun. A backpack for anything you may carry (food & at least 1l of water).

Food: you won’t need large quantity, as there are taverns on your way. It would be useful having some fruits and snacks of your choice.

Route: mostly on clear paths, but there are some spots more difficult. The view will reward you as you have “on your plate” all Corfu Island.

Stops and breaks: you can have a lot of them as there are a lot of clearings and spots where you can take amazing photos.

Altitude: 917m.

Route: wild, medium difficulty.