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The Corfu Trail (Kavos - Agios Spyridonas Beach)

The Corfu Trail is the longest walking route in the island, covering approximately 220 kilometers of beautiful paths which begin from the south and reach up until the northern part of Corfu. This hiking lasts approximately 10 days and passes through rural and forest areas of the island, bypasses the most developed regions, includes places that offer a beautiful view, wetlands, beaches, picturesque medieval villages, monuments, monasteries and very different kinds of landscapes. The Corfu Trail is marked with yellow signs and with the letters CT that are the initial letters of the Corfu Trail which is known to naturists worldwide. This excursion can be combined with accommodation in small lodgings of villages, for a true experience of naturalist holidays. You can either participate in an organized hiking expedition with a guide, or you can walk the trail on your own.

As about its northern side, the Corfu Trail ends up through the route top of Mountain Pantokratoras - the traditional village of Palia (Old) Perithia, built on the hillside – Agios (St.) Spiridon beach on the northeast edge of the island.

The Route

The Corfu Trail begins from Kavos, in the south of the island, passes through Spartera and ends up to the narrow alleys of Lefkimmi. From there, you will walk into verdant valleys which end up to Gardenos beach. While following a northern coastal course you will walk to Lake Korission , through the cedar forest and the sand dunes, and you will reach up until Paramonas beach. From there you will walk in the inland and you will pass through the picturesque villages Ano Pavliana, Kato Pavliana and Vouniatades, and you will cross the valley of the river Messonghi. The Corfu Trail includes ascent to the mountain of Agioi Deka and ends up to the village of Sinarades  and then to Pelekas. The beach of Myrtiotissa, the villages Lakones and Krini  near Palaiokastritsa, Agios Georgios in Pagoi, with its lovely beach and Sokraki, are some of the villages you will see on your tour. The Corfu Trail of course passes from the top of Pantokratoras  but, also from the traditional village of Palia Peritheia which, is built on the slopes of this mountain. At the end of this route is the beach of Agios Spyridonas  in the north-eastern end of the island.