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Μετάφραση Greek Version

Korfos - Vatsiana - Sarakiniko

The route starts from the church of Agios Georgios in Corfos (point AGIOSGEORGIOS-1).
Near the chapel there is a rock from which drips drops or a small flow of water (not drinking) depending on the season. The place is very green. From there until Vatsiana the route is a continuous (but not very steep) uphill.
Getting to Vatsiana the view is amazing to a large part of Gavdos. At XOMTRYP starts the dirt road to Trypiti beach.
Continuing the route, which includes a section and a dirt road (points MONXOM-3 to MONXOM-4), we make a detour for the chapel of Ai Stratigos (point AISTRATIGOS). Then, crossing the northern parts and passing through the chapels of Panagia (point PANAGIA) and Christos (point CHRISTOS), we climb a hill. There is an educational excavation from the University of Crete (point ANASKAFI).
Continuing, we find another small archaeological site (ARXAIA point) and, finally, we end up on the beach of Sarakinikos.