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Pelekania - Patelas Viglari - Gaitis’ Museum - Odysseus Elytis Theatre – Windmills - Chora

You will of course recognize the cultural monuments of the previous hiking trail and enjoy the nature of the massif of Ios. It really is a pleasure for the visitor to walk the old paths of the island that give him the ability to approach all of the above: the residences, the sheepfolds, the terraces, the wells, the threshing fields and much more. The whole island is full of surprisingly found herbs, wildflowers and rare plants of the Cyclades (don’t just think that the land is dry like the summer). There are also birds (e.g. hawks, shags, owls) and wild animals (π.χ. hedgehogs, wild rabbits, ferrets). The municipality of Ios, has built a shrine of modern culture, the Gaitis Museum. The location of the museum is supervisory to the modern images of the Cycladic culture and nature, while being a focal point a passing of centuries (connecting present days with the past).

The Gaitis museum brings together the residents of Ios, the visitor of the island and the intellectual with the personality and work of the renowned contemporary painter, while hosting periodic and / or permanent works of other eminent artists. For the time being its closed. When there is not a cultural event, taking place at the Odysseas Elytits theatre, you can try your own acting skills while viewing the whole bay of Mylopotas and the deep blue.

The theater "Odysseas Elytis" is stone built, with Parian marble, where the orchestra is usually located. It is worth mentioning the Environmental sensitivity of the Municipality of Ios, who built the theatre at the natural inclinations of the old dump site of Ios, making it a cultural monument. There is also of course, the beautiful image of the windmills. Wind was a crucial part fort the life of the local society, providing flour for bread or nut. The windmill region of Ios had 13 windmills. The Municipality of Ios has already renovated three of them.

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