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Μετάφραση Greek Version

Agios Prokopios – Perivolia - Epano Kambos – Ellinika – Gefyra – Pretesi – Skarkos - Chora

Epano Kampos was the old granary of the island, and nowadays it can be described as a land of high productivity with its terraces and the most fertile soil of the island. At this particular region you can see for yourself the Island’s rural tradition. The residents of this small island have tangible signs of the greatness of the Cycladic civilization in their immediate surroundings and have adopted techniques and practices by observing the achievements, left by their great ancestors. Adapting them using their inventiveness , to the requirements of the lean Cycladic natural environment and to their personal needs, they continue so far to produce unique cultural samples.

At the area Ellinika, outside the church of Panagia, you can notice ancient architectural elements and by having a closer look at the cell located next to it, you will be impressed by the size of the slates used for its construction. The toponym “Ellinika” (Greek) predisposes an area of archaeological interest. You can make your own estimate about the construction age of the building next to the church.

After Aghios Vlassis you can take alternative routes. If you take the left route will pass in front of the archaeological site of Skarkos. The modern archaeological research of Ios by the group of Mrs.Martharis, brought into light a unique specimen of the Protocycladic Ι and ΙΙ period (2.800 – 2.700 B.C.). The earliest traces of human presence that are identified at the island, so far, are found at the Skarkos location. It’s a hill with an urban organization similar to the hill which is now the Hora of Ios. You could say that Hora a replica of the ancient settlement, even the activities of the residents have similarities despite so many centuries have passed.

It should be noted that the archaeological site of Skarkos, was awarded for its outstanding quality of its space configuration and most of all, for the minimal and extremely sensitive interventions, which did not alter the unique landscape. The awards of cultural heritage, were awarded jointly by the EU and Europa Nostra (Pan-European Federation for Cultural Heritage). At the region Pigadakia, are 3 old wells.


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