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Μετάφραση Greek Version

Chora – Valma Beach - Agia Irini (Gialos)

A beautiful walk that begins from Chora and ends at the picturesque church of Agia Eirini at the Port. We start off at Chora, exactly at the signs indicating the direction “Kolitsani” and “Valmas”. The road is uphill and goes past the post office (on the right), a few meters later the police station (on the right) and just before the heliport, which it at the very end of the road, turn left to the dirt road at the sign “Valmas beach”. It is accessible by car to a point and then just walk down to Valmas beach. 

The path starts to the right of the beach and it is relatively easy to spot. The vegetation is low and we head towards the harbour. On our left, there are several small rocky bays many of which are accessible. After a while we reach the church of Agia Irini that is located at the entrance of the port. After that, in order to go back to Chora, you can either take the bus or find the path with the steps to walk up back. 

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