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Μετάφραση Greek Version

Psathi Beach - Kaminaki Beach

We start off from Psathi beach and head for the North, on the left. We go past a small stream and then we find the path which is marked with a stack of stones on the left and then several red-painted rocks . We follow the marks and then we reach the second smallest beach. Even though they are not visible, there are several different paths that lead to it. We go past the beach and then we reach the following, an extension of Psathi beach, which is divided by a stone. We go past another big rock on our left  and a traditional greek roadside shrine by a stream of water and we continue our route towards Palaiokastro.

After that, we head towards the stone-built wall and we reach a point, between two stone walls, where we must decide which direction to take,  to the right, heading towards the sea, the cape “Canalos” and therefore “Zakathonisi“, where there is a trig point (trigonometrical point). By turning to the left though, we find a door on the wall, which we enter walk parallel to the left wall, following the lines on the ground.
This path used to lead to Domino beach, but as you will notice, moving towards Palaiokastro, the path gradually disappears. You can try to reach Domino beach, at your own risk, having as reference the stone walls and the “Palaiokastro”.


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